Sex therapy is similar to traditional talk therapy, but with the process focused on resolving sexual problems by specifically addressing them.


Sexual issues do not typically resolve themselves through working on relationship concerns. Sex therapy involves specific behavioral protocols that the therapist will ask the couple/individual to complete between sessions. There is never any touching between patients and therapists. A sex therapist can be a psychiatrist, psychologist or clinical social worker who has received postgraduate training in sexology and is board certified in this discipline.

For most sexual concerns, sex therapy is usually brief and effective. Success depends on many factors including the motivation of the patient and/or couple. As with all therapy, mutual trust and respect are important, especially working with intimate issues of sexuality.


What Does Sex Therapy Treat?

  • Difficulty achieving a satisfying partnership

  • Problems with use of pornography

  • Difficulties with orgasm, erection or ejaculation

  • Concerns about desire, arousal, partner response or satisfaction

  • Unsatisfying sex

  • Sex addiction or compulsive sex or masturbation

  • Sexual shame or history of abuse

  • Performance and confidence issues

  • Love addictions or avoidance

  • Physical concerns, pain or body issues

  • Desires to explore, navigate sexuality choices and options

  • Concerns about fertility, parenting, identity


Finding the Right Sex Therapist

It’s important to make sure that your therapist is certified in sex therapy and a member of ASSECT – the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. You can search for a professional in your area on their website,