We are a holistic practice dedicated to healing the past and providing a foundation for a fulfilling future with tools from multiple disciplines and techniques.

Our work together can be brief – resolving feelings around a central issue or concern or extend to multiple situations, to attaining increased feelings of balance and well-being.


We can help with:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals, needs and values

  • Resolving troubling issues and concerns

  • Changing old patterns and establishing new ones

  • Improving feelings of self-worth and competency

  • Managing depression, anxiety, anger and other emotional pressures

  • Developing skills for improving and nurturing relationships

  • Increasing feelings of fulfillment and well-being


We listen and provide feedback from the first session. Together we identify significant patterns and experiences that are amenable to adjustment. Our approach is patient yet efficient. We are empathic, understanding that everyone’s life experiences are unique. And we believe that from the first session we can start the process so that each session has value and a positive impact on your life.

We are trained in the cutting-edge theories of psychotherapy, neuroscience and mind/body dynamics to utilize the most effective techniques available for rapid healing and change.

We work with an eclectic blend of approaches including neuroscience, mind/body awareness, mindfulness techniques, psychodynamic and analytic theory and cognitive behavioral therapy to identify underlying beliefs that can be self-reinforcing and create unconscious resistance to change. EMDR and hypnotherapy can be useful for deeply held wounds and traumatic experiences that can block our best intentions.

One of the central underlying tenets of our approach is that the brain is plastic and can continually create new patterns. Neural pathways in the brain are reinforced by repetition.

By changing our default patterns of thinking and behaving, we create a new narrative, new choices, a new approach to life.

From the first session we get to work on deconstructing the conscious as well as unconscious templates and creating building blocks for change.