Renew Counseling does accept in-network coverage for a limited number of insurance companies. If you are not in-network, we will provide you with a statement which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, based on your coverage.

Since coverage varies widely, we recommend that you check with your insurance company to see which out of network services your policy includes. Renew does work “in-network” with a limited number of insurance companies. Please call or email the office to see if your in-network insurance is accepted.

All managed care plans involve direct clinical management by the company which not only determines the nature of your treatment, but also has an impact on confidentiality. Renew is committed to discretion, excellence of care and confidentiality.

Fee Schedule

Since treatment is customized for each client, program fees are based on the number of multiple sessions. Please feel free to call to discuss program costs without any obligation.

Affordability Plan

Several of our Therapists participate in our Affordability Plan that helps make quality psychotherapy available to those with high deductibles on their insurance or those who chose not to use insurance. Clients can quality (based on income) for fees between $75 and 90 per session.