When a recent crisis or relational rupture has severely impacted your life we understand the need to stabilize the situation and calm the explosive and debilitating emotions and distress.

Our intensives are custom designed for situations such as the discovery of infidelity or betrayal, compulsive sexual or other addictive behaviors or a recent loss, such as a divorce or job loss.

We are experts in treating trauma and addictions and can provide a safe and supportive environment to process the situation, access additional resources and make decisions. We have connections with a large network of experts and treatment centers to formulate a plan to manage the challenges confronting you.



Telephone and Skype Coaching and Consulting

Busy Schedule? No problem

It’s easy to schedule an appointment even with your demanding schedule. We can work with your time commitments and juggle time zones to find an appointment time whether you are in Australia or Shanghai or New York.




We have co-ed, mens’ and womens’ groups that run at various times throughout the year. These low-cost groups can be an adjunct to individual or couples’ therapy or an option in itself. Many clients have found that their experience in group has enhanced their therapy work. Call or email us for more information and to see if we have a group that meets your needs.




We offer workshops tailored to common issues our clients are working on. We have workshops to improve communication for individuals and couples, rebuilding connection, early recovery and relationship issues. These workshops are offered on a Saturday or Sunday for 3 hours and will be posted here when we have one scheduled.



Therapist Supervision

Dr. Frons enjoys mentoring and supervising early and mid- career therapists. She does individual and group supervision for general individual and couples therapy as well as runs a supervision group for therapists seeking to enhance their skills with sex therapy and working with individuals and couples with sexuality concerns. This group also provides credit for therapists working toward ASSECT certification.

If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities you can email Dr. Frons for more information and to set up a time to speak.