The joy, energy & support that come from a functional partnership is one of the great gifts of life.


A healthy relationship can be one of the best sources of healing from past wounds and enabling personal growth to a potential we never even dreamed we were capable of.


We are wounded in relationships and we heal in relationships.

Couples therapy does not mean that you are in a bad relationship. All couples can get into a difficult dynamic triggered by certain life challenges or events. It can be hard for those involved to understand and fix repetitive patterns and communication gridlock. Our approach can distill the issues driving the conflict and provide direction to heal and repair the ruptures and create a foundation for better communication and connection.


Couples counseling can help when there is:

  • Conflict

  • Loss of connection

  • Criticism

  • Sexual discontent

  • Partner withdrawn

  • Communication difficulties

  • Frequent misunderstanding

  • Feelings of betrayal


Our Approach:

Our approach to couple’s work has been honed from years of study and experience with the work of John Gottman, Imago relationship therapy, attachment, addictions, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory.